S.T.Products Marketing Ltd. is a company supplying specialty chemicals to demanding markets. It is a leader in manufacturing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures in construction and industry.


         We develop solutions that make future-oriented, top-notch quality construction doable. Our products optimize customer's processes and hence lower client's costs. With innovative products we make what was formerly impossible possible. Supplying products and services of guaranteed quality are our key success factors, which has enabled S.T.Products Marketing Ltd. to achieve above-average growth rates in the markets as well as achieve a target entry into new markets.


         Additionally, we also supply a range of hydrophilic (swelling) waterstops for construction joints to the market. Hydrophilic Waterstop plays a critical role in the integrity of concrete structures. It provides a fluid-tight diaphragm when embedded in, and running through concrete joints. We offer unmatched chemical resistance to a broad spectrum of aggressive chemicals, solvents, and hot petroleum oils.


Type available from S.T.Products Marketing Ltd. include
         -Free swelling (losing its shape)
         -Partial swelling (holding its shape)
         -Product for saline.
Various shapes,sizes and colours are available.


         S.T.Products Marketing Ltd. also supplies adhesive for gluing profiles and a delay coating for use in wet environments.


S.T.Marketing supply swelling waterstops for private label.


Made to order
Taylor made products can be produced meeting specific requirements.
Additionally, S.T.Marketing Ltd is a rapidly growing and vibrant company, therefore we are sure to be timely in providing the best service for you.

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